What We Do

The goal that our team sets to pursue with each and every client is to be your partner as you travel down your financial path. Finding your best financial path can be, and often is, a very complicated process that can present challenges to even the savviest individuals.

That is where our team comes in. Collectively, we bring over 100 years of experience in assisting individuals and businesses as they navigate through the questions and challenges that come about in all stages of life and business.  We consider it our mission to not only see you succeed in meeting your goals but also to attempt to ensure that you do not fall into some of the financial pitfalls that become present along the way.


One of the many common threads that each person on our team shares is that we are passionate about what we do; each of us feels as though we have found our calling in life ….and we feel so fortunate to be able to come into our office each day to do what we love – to serve as your financial guide.

How do we do that? Our process.....


Neither Stifel nor its associates provide tax or legal advice.  You should consult with your tax or legal advisor regarding your particular situation.